søndag den 4. juli 2010

travelling is learning

recently I was in kyoto, my favorite city in japan where old / tradition and modern is combined and exists side by side elegantly. I enjoyed seeing bamboo for everyday things,tools and art, enjoyed watching people enjoying performing their duties . I learned that we " drink " tea while japanese " taste " it and learned that my stockings were wrong and was recommended stockings looking like a "glove " where each toe is separated so that they have free movement ! very logical. I enjoyed zen gardens and almost meditated watching the stone arrangements . I learned that every stone has its own character and must be respected when placing and deciding their orientations . I enjoyed harmony of colors in gardens and harmony of building materials in old city gion . all in all I came home filled with very positive energy .

talk to you all soon again.

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  1. one Can only learn about his/her own Country from abroad, Noam Chomsky once said.